Month Mark!!

Dear Family & Friends,

PictureEJC 014
This past week was incredible! So much has happened that I don’t even know where to begin. We had so much success this past week! The Lord has truly blessed us. We have these two great progressing investigators named JC and Mat. They are really making some incredible progress in changing their lives for the better. They are both 19 (i think) and are best friends. We are great friends with them to which is just terrific. They are both trying to quit smoking and dipping and I am very impressed with how willing and strong they are. Both are planning on getting baptized here in a few weeks!

Other than that the work is really picking up. We have a lot of people we know now and so planning our days is becoming a lot easier. I feel like I have been doing this work my whole life!

One small story to share. We were trying to find a less active on the church roster and when we got to their house they weren’t home. So we decided to knock a few doors before we left. The third house we went to just so happened to be the home of Br. and Sis. Sutton. Sis. Sutton was baptized into the church at 17 and hasn’t gone to church since. Which is even more incredible when she told us that she wants us to teach the discussions to her husband so they can be married in the temple! They were so fun to talk that we just chatted with them for probably 45 minutes. Also her husband is a terrific cook and he said he wants to cook us dinner. We have him scheduled for the 4th of July! ‘MERICA!

Anyhow, I am loving my mission. Even more so I am loving how I am more clearly seeing how the Lord blesses us each and everyday. I think if all of us really took some time each day to see how the Lord has blessed us we would all stop complaining and feeling entitled to any more blessings! I love you all and have a great week and 4th of July!

Elder Joshua Cordon

Here are a few pictures of my adventures so far.
One of our temple trips while at the MTC.

One of our temple trips while at the MTC.

In the south there are signs directing you to the different chapels.

In the south there are signs directing you to the different chapels.


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