Well an exciting week this last week! The biggest being the amount of new investigators we got! We have a good teaching pool hoping to turn it into a great baptismal font soon. There has been a lot of sowing going on in Hong Kong for some time due to the amazing work of missionaries. I feel so blessed to be in an area were I have the opportunity to now to reap of their labors.

This last week we had stake conference. Elder Randy Funk who spoke in priesthood session, presided over the whole event as well as president Hawks on the stand. Due to the fact that they are stressing member missionary work so strongly. They have plans to have to new stakes by the end of the year. So that means that we need trustable priestholders to fill those spots. Member accountability here is unreal. God is making it clear that he does not only want sunday members. The plans an actions they are setting up and excuting have been making a world of a difference here.

Its so interesting that in a culture where there is by no means a christian background that the members are so amazing. When you can sit in a beautiful brand new chapel that has the overflow opened to the stage by the basketball court. It helps remind that the message and the saints are the same everywhere in the world. Its because they have all come to the very same conlcusion. That Christ lives, and he undoubtably leads this church. This church is consistent because it is lead of God not by the ideas and concepts and differing opinions of men. This church is true.

Love you all.

Elder Cordon
Tang Jeung Louh (chinese ping yam)


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