First Week in the MTC

Dear Family and Friends,

The MTC is everything I knew it would be. The hours are long, class rooms can get hot, the food isn’t the best. All of these things I knew. What I didn’t know and what I wasn’t prepared for was how the MTC was going to feel. The spirit that fills even the air you breath here is and can never be explained in words. The personal revelation that flies at me every moment. My hand barely stops writing. I was asked to be Zone Leader, just putting my glass completely full today. I love my mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our Lord.

Elder Steven Cordon

Update today:

I am having a wonderful time at the MTC you can basically cut the spirit here with a knife it is wonderful.  The classes here are unbelievable the way that i can just be sitting in class and studying and receiving revelation it wonderful to see just how close the lord is to his missionary’s we are promised so many blessing as long as we are faithful.  100% strictly obedience from me 🙂  I have had some really spiritual times here with some people that we are teaching.  We have had members come and volunteer to be talked to about member missionary work so with them and our investigators Justin and Sydney the MTC has been a great time.  The food is not as bad as everyone says it is some is but really not to bad. some time i feel that if I pray harder it tastes better haha JK. My branch presidency is the BOMB.COM they are really just inspired men, and being zone leader i have gotten to know them really well. My district is awesome its two trios  and we are all becoming really close friends  and we are all helping each other stay motivated and focused on the work its great.


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