Two Sundays down, 100 to go.

Now it’s not that I am counting I just think 100 is a great number. 🙂

Life has been pretty crazy since I got out to the Mission, but a good crazy. The first week was a little overwhelming because of the circumstances but that leveled out. The area has really great members, they love feeding us and talking, but missionary work is not their focus. So we are trying to light those fires; we talk about it with the members who feed us, and that seems to get a little spark going. Now we are trying to get those sparks to catch fire. Then build them to a bonfire, and then a forest fire spreading from tree to tree. That is the part that is going to be fun.

I was asked yesterday what the most difficult part about missionary work was. It was a very interesting question, my mind first went to “well the schedule, the rules, the walking,” but I like all of that. So then I really thought about it, and for me the hardest part about missionary work is humility. When I was about to go to then MTC I thought that humility was something that I had learned pretty well, especially having to wait as long as I did. Humility for God was not something that I thought I struggled with, but I was wrong. A mission requires a whole new level of humility, everything we do as missionaries needs humility, finding, teaching, and enduring all require a humility that I wasn’t ready for.
I am so grateful for the companion of the Holy Ghost to just be able to know that he will be there to lift my short comings, and that He is the one that is really doing the teaching is a great comfort for me that will help me on this mission. I am so grateful every morning that I get to wake up and be apart of this great work every single day. I am so grateful that the fullness of the gospel has been restored to the earth, that we have the keys we need to perform the saving ordinances that we need to be able to live with our Heavenly Father. God has given us the way to reach our full potential in this life and the next, and I am so grateful that I have found it and that I get to share it with the people of Kennewick Washington

Elder S Cordon


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