Dear Family and Friends,

Satan is a real being, He has real power, and He will use everything He has to make sure that you do not succeed in what God wants you to do. We all have what he will never have and will never receive we have a birthright to glory. He wants to take as much away from us as he can. He has been able to perfect his tactics and tricks, he also knows us from before we were born into this world; He knows us to our very souls and knows how to personalize his attacks for us. He also knows how much He needs to focus on each person.

A quote I have received from a friend from the movie ‘Gods Not Dead’ is:

“Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble, because he doesn’t want them turning to god, his sin is like a jail cell, except its so nice and comfy, there doesn’t seem to have any need to leave, the door is wide open, till one day time runs out, the door slams shut, and suddenly its to late.”

Satan doesn’t always hold you down by chains and shackles. Just like with an elephant that is chained and shackled as a baby, so that when they are an adult all they need is a piece of rope tied to their ankle and they don’t move.

Following the light of the gospel is the only way to stay out of his darkness. It is a every day choice that needs to be made; that you will follow Christ. If it is not made every day Satan can direct and will direct you away from reaching the Glory that is your birthright.

I know this to be true and I seal it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Steven Cordon


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