Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was full of miracles.

So we had two investigators at church and we had Monty accept a date to prepare to be baptized. Along with those two investigators their spouses Seth and Deedee also were there. So the two PMF’s (Part-Member Families) that I have been raving about for the last couple weeks is truely seeing miracles. I love watching it happen, it really throws me back to two years ago when it was all happening in my life. I swore that I would never be back in church and that I was never going to even look into it again. But I did look into it… and Boy did that change fast as soon as I realized that it was all true. That same thing has happened with Seth and Deedee, they have realized that it is ture and are jumping in head first. It is amazing to see the spirit in their eyes, and the miracles that are happening in their lives.

I am getting a look into how the spectators of my life where feeling and the things that they noticed. I know that I was sent on a mission to find specific people and these families where definitely on that list. I cannot wait to see these families sealed in the temple.

Thank you all soo much for the support that you give me.
I love you all so much

Elder S Cordon




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