Living Prophets

Dear Family & Friends,

Well we have been working hard this last week. We were able to get in touch with a lot of former Investigators, Less actives, and Potentials. we had scheduled a lot of them for conference and while almost all of them did not come. I still feel like we preformed a good work and a lot of them we are now in touch with. While on the street we met a lot of cool people and were able to have some tender mercies as we saw people get touched by the spirit. Despite the poor weather we were still blessed with a lot of contacts. One of the stories from last week is this we were finding after dinner and we met these two ladies. We talked for a moment they figured out who we were and we discussed our message. It was interesting because one said she was Buddhist and the other said she didn’t have any, I am not sure why but I naturally wanted to focus on the one with no religion as we continued the other who is Buddhist asked us a great question. How can I have a good future. Well that lead to an awesome discussion and at the end we taught them how to pray and the one we initially focused on didn’t seem to be getting it while the other expressed that she really felt something and she knew what she was going to do that night, speak to the father she never knew she had.

Other successes of the week are in the help of the other Elders we now have a progressing investigator and a he came to church as well. He has some small background in Christianity but he has a lot of interest. Also A member introduced us to her friend we were able to meet him at an activity then schedule him for Tuesday as well. Then we were able to contact another referral we have had for quite some time who we got from an investigator. We should hopefully be seeing them again this next week. Our teaching unity keeps getting better and a big part is we have been really good about doing role plays every single day.

General Conference was very amazing and something that really stuck out to me was Elder Anderson’s talk. He spoke the temples and How they are not just convenient locations how they are chosen and carefully selected by revelation. I could not help but just think of how amazing it is that there has been a temple promised here in Macau By Elder Holland. With one so close by as well. I can think of so many places in the world were there are many stakes but they are still quite far from a temple. Also as he spoke about the Ivory Coast. Such a short period of time and to then be blessed with such a blessing as a temple. I could not just help but want to jump out of my chair and hit the streets.

With that we have also been trying to be wise in our missionary efforts and really trying to focus on the things that will bring long term success and not just look good on the numbers. We still have a lot of improvement for sure but we are recalculating everyday to see what else.

We should be seeing a lot of new faces this upcoming week and we are expecting miracles!

We have been doing our best to make sure we are working hard but I really like what you said about setting goals to share the Joseph Smith experience or teach someone to pray. Its the answer to a problem we just realized we had. We need to be praying for more specifics.

Something I found interesting today in my personal study. I was reading the Allegory of the Olive tree and I found it quite interesting that on several occasions the Lord said what he was going to do and the servant suggested something else. I found this interesting that the lord changed his mind when the servant said these things. Wasn’t God all knowing? I then realized it was not that the Lord was changing his mind is that he can’t decide the desires we have and he can only work according to our faith, so it was not until the servant asked the lord to do, that the lord had then the option to do still allowing his servant that opportunity to learn and take part. Its really a lesson on faith. What we desire in faith asking God doubting nothing we shall receive.

I love you All
Elder Cordon


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