Trio!!!! -Jared

Well Another week in Hong Kong! Never really predictable! For instence yesterday I entered a tripanionship! With the now Lone Leader. His name is Elder Parker and he Is from LA. He is an awesome missionary. We have already been serving in the same area but now instead of 4 elders there is just 3. I will let you all know how that goes!

I have a cool story I would like to share: last week me and my companion were going over the Plan of Salvation lesson and we were figuring out what we needed to work on, and we decided on Adam and Eve. Why is it important were it fits in and how to say it. Well later that night during finding we had a guy ask us a very specific question. Why do we have to suffer and get kicked out of gods pressence because of Adam and if god loves us why did he let that happen? Well its a good thing the Lord prepared us, because we have a new investigator. haha

I know If we are worthy and we are doing all that we can the Lord will direct all of our actions. We may not realize until after or just not at all. As Ether 12 tells us, “Ye recieve no witness until after the trial of you faith”. Thats how the spirit works and its an amazing thing I am figuring out more and more every day!

This week was the first week we have gotten someone to church since I have been here. Our awesome old investigator and a less active came! It was such a great experience! The Elders qurom accepted them both with very loving arms! I know the best way to get the members involved is to bring people to church, because it gets the excited, believing and motivated! The work is truly progressing!

Love everyone

Elder Jared Cordon