Here It Goes Again- Jared

Dear everyone!

I have another crazy week! The living situation with the 6 in the apartment has been a bit crazy but also fun, plus apparently Americans can develop a Hong Kong allergy haha. Don’t worry I was able to beat the system and find a cure. Its issues with wearing contacts and the bad air here. So all the missionaries have just resorted to wearing glasses, well given my eye situation I can’t wear glasses so after being blind for 2 days I was able to find the cure which was in these eye drops! Hooray I can see and the work can move forward.

This week we were able to get our first member present with our investigator, since he is 84 we got a man in the ward who is about the same age. They were best friends from the start, I love listening these 2 old Cantonese guys chat back and forth. I had no Idea what they were saying but I feel like it was helping haha. Also we have been blessed this week in being able to find a lot of Chinese men we could teach lessons to! It was great and we have a couple new investigators scheduled! I love being able to enjoy the fruit of my labors and not having to pass them off that was so hard! But this last week we were able to have dinner with a part member family and they have 2 little twin girls! Her story is amazing!

When she was married she found out she could not have children and that was something that was hard for her, but when she met the missionaries and started receiving lessons she was able to meet President Anderson and he told her she would have kids, well sure enough after she was baptized it wasn’t much longer until she was pregnant with twins!

This gospel is amazing and I love the change it has been able to make in families here and the lives it has truly blessed.

I love you all

Elder Cordon