A Good Week

Dear Family and Friends,

Alright another week down… :). With less teaching this past week it has been a good time to look at who’s next now that Bro Fan is baptized. It has been unusually hard to teach lessons on the street this last week and after almost a week without teaching any I realized I wasn’t relying on the enough on the Lord. So I was a lot more specific in my prayers, and we met and taught a really prepared individual. Then we followed the same pattern for the next day. The same thing happened. I think the Lord wanted to remind me that I can do all I can do, but If I don’t ask Him for help He won’t fill in the rest.

Also this week I had a chance to head on back to Tsin Siu Wai to do an exchange with the other half of the companionship Elder Lam. He is awesome he is from Hong Kong and we knew each other back from the time on the Island. But we had a cool experience together. Last time I was with Elder Groeberg and we had met this less active family it was actually the only time they met this family so Elder Lam never met them, but while we were finding we ended up running into one of the sons, then taught him a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation.

Another cool thing that happened this week is we were eating dinner with our investigator Aaron(who should get baptized soon) and some guy came up and asked us to teach him and while were talking Aaron jumped in and shared a great message about the spirit world. So overall that was just awesome. He is already a missionary.

But hey love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Jared Cordon