This was a week that was full of new and wonderful things.

This week I studied PMG everyday! I am studying out of the fundamental lessons and I am learning a lot. The more and more that I study the more that I learn that I have no idea how to do missionary work. ūüôā I am starting to realize that PMG has all of the answers for my questions, whether it is for recent converts, investigators, even my companion. What a wonderful book and I dont understand why I have not had my noes in it my whole mission.

The last couple of days I have been studying the fundamental lesson of revelation through prayer. We have a couple of people that we are teaching that are in need of the knowledge that is in that lesson, but I am also studying it for myself. I am really trying to have more faith in my prayer and to receive more revelation through them. I am trying to have a more personal communication with Heavenly Father. I know that it can be my favorite moments in my life to communicate with Heavenly Father and so I am trying to seek for knowledge on the thing I need to do different to make that happen. I also know that it will greatly help me as a missionary and His tool if I can talk with him better.


So for those of you that don’t know who that is, which is everyone that is reading this. He is the BIGGEST ANTI in the TriCities, teaches classes and protests, the whole nine yards. He has been doing it for like 30 years. Boy he needs to get a life.

He came to one of our lessons!! Georgiana the New Investigator lesson that we taught is taking a Mormonisom 101 class that is being taught by him and she invited him the come to the lesson. 0.0 We received a great blessing, he showed up 35 minutes late so we got through basically all of the first lesson. We had Brother Blaser with us, 1st counselor in the bishopric, he shared great testimony. We left as soon as Marshal got contentious which not surprisingly didnt take him to long. What a crazy experience!

Thank you for everything that you do.
Love you all so much.

Elder Cordon


People, Quotes, and Family

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello Everyone! So this last week was a good one. We finally got some¬†good lessons with a few people and it definitely was a week that¬†allowed us to see who we really have as a solid base in our teaching¬†pool. Lets begin with Davie. He is really coming along we saw him last¬†week and had a good lesson that really just involved reading 3 Nephi¬†11 and testifying of Christ. It was a great experience because until¬†that point he just couldn’t bring himself to read it on his own, but¬†to be able to just sit and read a chapter with him really helped to¬†alleviate that fear. After hearing it out he said something similar¬†to, “you know, it sounds like true scripture.”¬† He is making steady¬†progress. Hopefully we can get him to join us for the bbq and¬†broadcast priesthood session of general conference at the church this¬†Saturday.

Another wonderful soul that came into the picture last week was a character named Stew. We met him at a bus stop. He was sitting there with no intention of getting on the bus but just because it was something to do. We learned that he had found out that he arrived in
Jacksonville only a week prior and he had come from Oregon. He is here with the intentions to get a restart on life. Before our first conversation was over he knew that he was meant to meet us and learn what we teach. Over the subsequent days we taught him three more lessons and have made some good progress with him. We have already set
him up to start attending different classes and things are looking bright for his future.

The other awesome brother we are working with is a high school student¬†named Trevor. The previous missionaries taught him and made some good¬†success. When we first got here we struggled to connect with him. But¬†during the week before last and last we were able to break down some¬†walls and really connect with him. He committed to work towards being¬†baptized in May and he is excited. We couldn’t find him a ride so we
made the hour/ride walk with him last week to the church so he could go to young mens. He brought his skateboard and we had our bikes so we took it easy and talked all the way there. He ended up having a great time and wants to come every week now.

So that is how the work is going. We had a couple of instances while tracting where people mocked our beliefs and told us we were teaching false doctrines. It was interesting. I got to boldly tell them what we believed and then we left. I always ponder on those experience during the following days because I feel there is much to be learned from
those encounters. As I did I realized a trend in both cases: both¬†times the major insults came after I bore my testimony. Three quotes¬†come to mind, I don’t know the sources for two but they are still¬†great:

“You know you have lost an argument once you get angry.” Unknown Author

“Anger is the reaction you have when you don’t know how to react.”¬†Unknown Author

“Anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it¬†at someone, you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha

Taking all those into consideration I realized that while all three of¬†those men acted childish by the time we walked away we were the victor¬†in all cases because we never got angry while they did. Now I do have¬†to admit that I was frustrated as I pondered on the fact that people¬†would embrace and express those particular views about our church, but¬†luckily it was not in the moment. A lesson I learned is that you can’t¬†convince someone of spiritual truth, that is The Holy Spirit’s job.¬†Another lesson I learned was if you simply bear your testimony of what¬†you know to be true their reaction will quickly tell you whether or¬†not they are ready for more. If they do not receive the truth you have¬†shared so far then they definitely won’t receive anymore, so there is¬†no point in sharing more.

The same is true with all cases in life. If either party in a¬†conversation isn’t ready, then stop the conversation. Their is no point to¬†share anymore because clearly what has been shared so far won’t work.¬†Now, this doesn’t always mean you have to walk away –though that is a¬†great option– you can apologize, you can change the subject, and you¬†can even just give them a hug. Sometimes that last one isn’t a good¬†idea depending on the tension level. Either way a person who is angry is¬†a fool and will do foolish things. And as the Lord put it, “…fools¬†mock, but they shall mourn…” (Ether 12:26)

I am sure none of you struggle with anger but I felt like mentioning¬†it. I love y’all!

Elder Joshua Cordon

P.S. I have a challenge for all of you. The church on Friday released a new video to celebrate Easter. It is super good. You can find it at  So here is the thing. All the full time missionaries in the church off of Facebook for the time being, that
means the responsibility falls on the members shoulders to spread this message all over Facebook. So here is the challenge: will each of you share his video with 5 of your friends before Easter? It can be in person or in a message. I promise that as you do you will feel the true spirit of the Easter weekend enter into your heart, and your love and appreciation for the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, will burn within your soul. I know that to be true because it has worked for me. Good luck!


I’m finer then a frog’s hair split four ways :-) – Joshua

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry for the scare last week, I always forget to mention when the following week is transfers. No promises that I will remember in the future though.

Everything is going great though! I am filled with a very sweet spirit today, which is a direct result of my comp and I growing closer as a companionship. For the first transfer and well for the first week of this one we would but heads all the time. Though we managed to temporally let it go for lessons, the spirit we brought was nevertheless affected by the friction that was so obviously there. This weekend we finally worked things out though.

It started with a serious talk where I finally established my role as the leader of the companionship, which should have been there the moment I became his trainer, but he wasn’t used to not being incharge. After we came to an agreement it still didn’t entirely eliminate the contention and finally Sunday afternoon we were both tired of it. We were doing a Revelation Sequence (Pray for guidance, read the Book of Mormon, write down spiritual impressions, and pray for confirmation) in 3 Nephi 12 and the part about forgiving thy brother hit us both very powerfully. For me is was verse 25. The agree with thine adversary to me was interpreted to mean, “You don’t have to win every arguement or always be right, just agree with him.” We openly talked about the issues we had been having and now we are good. A weight has been lifted off of both our shoulders, and there is much more powerful spirit between the two of us. Not to mention we are actually good friends now. Two cheers for the Book of Mormon anyone?

I felt like sharing that in case anyone else is looking for guidance on conflict resolution. And because it explains why I can be so dang happy regardless of the fact that no investigators came to church and that we have no baptismal dates. But hey that just means that miracles are just down the road.

We did have some really great experiences this week though. We managed to administer the sacrament to two sisters who are confined to their homes because of illness, and to be able to see Nick. Nick came to church twice back in September, but it had been over a month since we had a lesson with him. I was finally tired of it so we went over there on friday just hoping to catch him. Well it worked ūüôā We sat and talked for a few minutes before he had to leave. Then we went back–uninvited– to his house last night with the bishop and we ended up having a terrific lesson with him. He shared with us a few of the sermons he gave when he was pastoring, but once he finally talked himself out we got down to business talking about his concerns. The spirit was very strong and we know that he is so very close to accepting the invitation to be baptized. We will definitely do that the next lesson we have with him which will hopefully be tomorrow.

The week was full of many other miracles, I just don’t have time to share them, but trust me they happened.

I have made some good changes to my blog this week so that will be really nice. I am hoping to have another post up here in a few days so check it out at

Anyway I love ya’ll!

Elder Joshua Cordon