Dear Family and Friends, 

I am so very grateful for trails that allow us to become better. Life without the Gospel is very very possible, but that is just it this life is not it.  This life was not supposed to be to just try and figure out how to have achieve some level of desired happiness through all of the mess and then die hoping that you made a big enough dent somewhere that hopefully people would remember your name. 

Life was a time to develop faith in Christ, come to know what he has done, recognize the mercies of God, and to do the best you can with what you have been given. We have been commanded to be perfect, which no one can do, but that doesnt mean that we give up and dont try. The atonement is there and always will be, and “after all we can do” it will still be there to make up the difference. 

I am grateful to have both sides of the story, I have lived life on my own without ever given God a look. I now get to see the light in my life, that was missing for so long, grow brighter every single day.  I get to see that happen in others, I also get to see others choose not to have the light of their life grow any bigger and, like I used to be, stay wondering in darkness without ever even realizing it. God is there weather we want to believe it or not. Peoples disbelieve doesn’t remove God from there life, it only removes their life from God.

I love you all so very much you are all in my prayers.

Elder S Cordon

PS the videos are a dust devil that we found on our lunch break. It was awesome. It traveled for about a mile. It was awesome.  Pretty much a tornado.
1 of 2 Dirt Devil
2 of 2 Dirt Devil