A Roller Coaster of a Week

Dear Family and Friends,

This week another insanely busy one. I found it very difficult to share all that I want to in my emails, but I will try my best.

On Tuesday I had an exchange with the District leader. He is in the area just south of ours. It went really well and there place is what they call the “shack”. It really is one though. But missionaries have been living there for like 20 years. So it has everything you could want. There are big comfy recliners at the desks which was so nice! haha. It was a fun exchange. Elder Payne is a great missionary. I am sad to report that we did in fact have an hour long bible bash with some guys. It was a serious waste of our time and god’s time. I also learned from experience this time that the spirit cannot testify of the truth that we share in the a contentious environment. So never bible bash.

On other news we set 4 baptismal dates this week. One was reset because JC needed a new date. The other was the Grandson of a recent convert who is totally awesome! He is 12 and will be baptized on the 27th. The other was a man named Willy. One of our appointments fell through and so we saw him outside and asked his name. He just invited us right in and we taught the restoration and committed him to baptism. He has to get married first though, minor detail. The last one is the husband of a innactive lady that we have been teaching. They are great and he loves to cook for us. Since I love to eat we get along great!

Things are going really well here. I learning more and more each day that there is a lot that I need to improve on. Luckily the Lord will make weak things become strong!! Also I stepped on a scale the other day full clothed and I was 217. That is either all those push-up or the good southern cooking we are getting fed. It probably the latter #Fat&Happy 😀

Love you all!

Elder Cordon!!