Wow that was fast!! – Jared

Hello Family and Friends,

This might have been one of the fastest weeks I have ever had. Probably because it was just so good! A couple of firsts this week, we got our first investigator. We also will be seeing him again tonight. He is 84 and we can comprehend what he is saying! That is a miracle in itself! Also I taught my first street lesson yesterday in all Cantonese! The gift of tongues is real! Normally I just let my trainer do all the talking! I also went to a normal sacrament meeting this week, which was amazing because it has been 4 weeks since I have been able to take the sacrament. It was quite an amazing experience the spirit I felt to be able to feel the gift of the atonement and know that all those mistakes I have made I can be forgiven of!

The ward here is small but they are amazing! They are blessed to be one of the only wards with 6 missionaries! 2 Sisters and 4 Elders, President would love to see this ward grow enough to have to split!

This is the first week we have been able to have street lessons with people we will actually be able to teach! So far it’s been a lot of girls and non-Cantonese speakers. But we have taught 5 to Chinese men. That’s a miracle because this city is so crazy and everyone is so busy! So to get that kind of time from the men was pretty amazing! Our secret is to get over the lack of confidence and stop and asking people for the chance to teach them and just do it. When you’re really assumptive and assertive in a polite and kind way it really works. We were tired of people saying no, truth is they don’t realize what they are saying no to, so don’t give them the option.

I realize how much of missionary work is truly the work! You have to try your best to be the best missionary you can be and that is having the faith to talk to people and the diligence to grow. We have been struggling with boldness so this last week we really focused on it! For these Chinese men you got to be very confident and bold, something I struggle with in Cantonese because I am really insecure about the language. Yesterday though something hit me and we stopped in the middle of evening studies and went out and I was talking to as many people as I could and that’s what lead to the street lesson that I gave. The Lord is amazing. He can even help me speak Cantonese.

I love everyone and hope all is well! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Jared Cordon


Hello hello hello!


The MTC is a very interesting place indeed! You may have heard stories and they are probably all true! The food kills you, Sundays are like holidays, the sisters are too serious, and man the growth of the language will surprise you!

This last week was awesome! Me and my companion Elder Cederlof decided we need to rely on the gift of tongues! A companionship from the other cantonese district gave us the idea. Basically you need to have complete faith for the spirit to help you! Previously we would teach our investigator using lots of notes and reading them. But this last week we decided to go in with no help and just pray for the spirit. I could not believe the difference that made we did the whole thing, taught how to pray and the importance of obedience, I was having words come to my mind that I forgot I knew! From then on we decided that we weren’t going back it has also helped are study because we know we have to be more prepared! Also its tough here it really is, when your spending 55 hours a week in a classroom not hearing a single word in English it wears on you!

My teacher though is really amazing! He has such patience, he knows the importance of SYL(Speak your language) It must be so hard when you have 8 missionary staring at you blank faced because they have no idea what your saying! But his knowledge is amazing! He speaks 7 languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Loa, Malaysian, Japanese, English, and I think Mong. But yeah that gives you an idea! He is also just a spiritual giant as well he does a great job and teaching the gospel principles in a way thats simple and you can feel the spirit!

But everyone here is amazing I have made a lot of friends in my Zone and in the weight room! I have a nickname here and that’s Captain Joseph Because everyone thinks I look like Joseph Smith and Captain America! I wont complain about that one! But this place is truly amazing and I learn so much here about people, the gospel and especially myself! I hope everyone is doing just splendid!

Elder Jared Cordon