I have successfully completed a transfer!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry for the Tuesday update, but that happened because of transfers. Luckily I get to stay here and continue to labor in the lovely Lake City, Florida zone! My comp was made District leader so I will be doing a lot more exchanges this transfer which is fine with me. It adds a little flavor to the weeks. Overall life is going great though!! One awesome investigator of ours is Sis. Singh, I don’t know if I have mentioned her or not, but she is just full of the most crazy questions!! It is great to ask questions, everyone should, it is healthy because so much growth can happen upon searching and finding answers, but it makes it frustrating when you are trying to make a lesson plan haha. Yesterday we had a lesson with her that went really well. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, with a little Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tithing sprinkled in. She started out by asking some really odd yet insightful questions and was just really confused, but we asked her to wait till the end in case all of her questions are answered. When we finished and asked if she had any questions she said, “I love this so much! All those questions that I thought were important were either answered or the just don’t matter anymore!” It was awesome to hear that! She promised to read and pray, and come to church on Sunday!!

I have had an interesting experience with the scriptures lately. So for the first part of my mission I have had this frustration with the Bible only because there are mis-translations that have totally misguided and blinded so many people. So I would never use the Bible except for some memorized quotes from PMG scriptures. THEN we went over to member in our wards house who is in charge of the YSA in the Stake and we have a YSA we are working with. We were talking though and I asked about some essays he had written that use the Bible to explain the views in mormonism. After a very long talk and a lot of biblical examples I walked away with a new found love for the New Testament. However, it then took away from the fact that we want to focus our teaching on the Book of Mormon. So after a few days of being Bible bi-polar, I finally resulted in my current feelings. “I believe the Bible to be the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly, I also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.” Sound familiar haha  ðŸ˜‰ It is definitely good to know my Bible, and I do know it better know, but I will focus my efforts on the Book of Mormon.

We found this awesome couple last week doing some tracting!  They are an elderly couple named Jim and Mary Hathaway that is in their 80s and they don’t go to a church regularly right now because Jim asks to many questions that don’t get answers! Of course this put a smile on our face because we know that we can give him the answers he is looking for! They also watch the BYU channel regularly haha. They are so ready! We had a really good lesson with them on Saturday and they agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! Whoot Whoot!

Life is good though!! I just need more energy, 8 hours isn’t enough! Br. Sutton last week said that he knows that everything we have taught him is true and he even came to Scripture Class last week, so did JC! JC was a big surprise though because we swung by his house to invite him and his sister said that he was really angry (so angry he just punched a hole in the wall) and didn’t want to talk with anyone, but we invited him a then went over to church. 10 minutes after we started he came walking in the door and stayed to whole time. What a

This saturday we have… drum roll please… A BAPTISM! It is Chris (12) and Kaylia (10) Gallagher. They are the grand kids of a recent convert Sis. Hug and they are such champions! They are both really excited and Elder Newbold is baptizing Chris and I am baptizing Kaylia. Also their parents are not members… can only else smell the sweet scent of potential in the air. Cause I CAN!

Anyway, Ya’ll are awesome!!

Elder Joshua Cordon

P.S. here is a conversation in Southern

M R Ducks
M R Not
C M Wangs

Can anyone translate?

**Put your translation in the comments and I will send them to Elder (Josh) Cordon. :)** (His Sister)