Keep Calm and Pray On – 3 Nephi 19:26

Dear Family and Friends,

So prayer was my power moment of the week. I am so very grateful for pray, what a wonderful gift that has been given to us. God our father has given us a way to talk to him, to receive answer and comfort. To be able to build a relationship just like we would with our earthly parents. Keeping that relationship in mind is when pray because a very natural part of life, and something that you never want to miss. I love that I have been able to really build a relationship with my Heavenly Father, and come to know who he is and better understand what he desires of me.

I know that God hears and answers prayers. I know that He wants to heard from us, from the smallest details to the most painful struggles. He is happy when we are and is sad when we are sad. He is always there to comfort us. Prayer gives me such strength to know that I can talk to my Father when I need to.

So one of our investigators is having a baby this week. Super exciting I will send pictures next week.

I Love you all so much. Thank you for everything.

Elder S Cordon



The Ward is AWESOME!

Dear Family & Friends,

Well this week might be short I am really short on time. But it was a really good week we have seen some amazing success with the efforts with the ward and growth with our investigators, its one of those weeks where I feel like you can take a sigh of relief that maybe your efforts are paying off. We had ward council this week and with the first one for the year the ward was very enthusiatic with many different ideas to step up there efforts. It was great to see that this time was much more focuses on missionary efforts. Especially the Relief Society president. She is such an example and that goes for all the women in the Relief Society here they are so awesome. They have made our investigator feel really welcomed and they are all so observant that without us even saying anything come and greet her and friendship her, invite her over for dinner, exchange numbers tell her all about the activities, make her kids feel welcomed. They are awesome! Our investigator is going to have her sister come to an activity soon, we met her before now its just bringing her in. The Elders Quorum is starting to follow there example they have really gotten so much better. Our investigators father came to church my himself even though his son didn’t come he said he is too busy to take the lessons but he loves elders Quorum so we will keep working with him. Referrals are the way to go for sure. Things are great I am great I am changing for the better everyday.

Love Elder Cordon.