Back in MACAU! 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Well We had a great week! We were able to add 3 investigators to our teaching pool. Good in that area although none were able to make it to church. We will be working on that. The 2 of the 3 came from Elder Tam and Ferrar so we are very grateful for their hard work. We also got another from a contacted referral from last week and he is really cool we got him to institute last week and he really enjoyed it then after taught him a quick lesson about the restoration to get him a book of mormon. He was supposed to come to church but he was not able to make it. We will see him again at institute though. The lesson they taught last week was about the word of wisdom and he really like it and enjoyed how our church compared to his last one is so clear about commandments and how we can receive blessings. He has good potential. The other two turnovers also have alright potential one is really talkative and the other is pretty quite the thing they have in common is its been hard getting them to read. One is facing a lot of opposition from his church, His Preacher is sayin straight lies to him, I am not sure how a man who expects to earn money talking about Christ can feel good spreading such plainly false things.

A hou the Instigator that we already had is going down hill a bit. We are loosing him to video games. He was so awesome but he is becoming more and more addicted and falling slowly away from the church. We are getting members to work on him. He has a good relationship with the ward so they have a really good influence on him. 

We couldn’t get any meeting with less actives this last week. But we will keep working on that. I finished taking care of all our less active records they were such a mess but now they are beautifully organized and mapped out, I used a lot of personal time working on them because I just wanted to get them done. 

Our finding is pretty good we are finding a lot of unplanned opportunities to share the gospel. A big focus for who we find is dads and potential priesthood holders and we sure find a lot but most a lot of them are Mandarin. We also find ourselves going to the same places far to often so we are going to mix it up this week and find some other good spots to go. 

We just got a new Branch mission leader and we are excited to work with him. This last week we tried a lot harder and getting member involvement in our lessons and it was helpful. The younger members are pretty available to it makes it easy. Plus even the older ones are very willing as well. 

For the up coming weeks we are really focusing on getting our investigators in the Book of Mormon and then of course focusing on finding. We have two branch activities this Saturday! So its a great opportunity to get people to. One is the Branch street display which will have some games and food and then after there is a music fireside. Both will be great activities for families. 

Well had to head back to Hong Kong and come back to renew my visa buts it good to be back.

Sorry for no pictures the computer wont let me but I will be sure to send some as soon as I can.

Elder Jared Cordon