There is Good Chaos and Bad Chaos -Joshua

Dear Family and Friends,

There has yet be any consistency here in this area. No two weeks have been the same. There has always been something that has set the week apart and made it interesting to me in some way or another. I will have to say that that has definitely been the best part about serving as a Zone Leader here in this area.

Last Wednesday was transfers and I was wondering how that was going to effect us because it takes place in our Zone, but at the same time it doesn’t fall under the realm of any of our responsibilities. Wednesday morning came and we hadn’t heard anything so we were just expecting to have a full day of regular proselyting. Well then we got a call from one of our district leaders asking if he could have Elder Hamilton’s bike helmet because he is getting transferred to an area where he will need it and that he also needs our help jumping his car. So we called a quick audible in our plans and went and helped him out.

Just as we were finishing up there, the assistants called and asked if we could help them with getting one the APs bike from their apartment. We of course said yes and helped with that. We had a good chat with Elder Tuft as we rode in the car with him. (He has been the assistant for almost a year and he just got released, he is also my mission great-grandpa)

Once we finished up there we chatted for a bit with Sis. Craig and Elder & Sister Rhoads and snacked on the food they had their for transfers. We no sooner finished up that when those Elders we had helped earlier called asking if we could jump their car again.

Having completely ruined our morning plans we took a quick lunch and went and had a lesson with our recent convert Solomon. Just as we were finishing up the lesson President Craig called and asked rather urgently how quickly we could get to the Mandarin Chapel. We told him 10 minutes and got into the car and sped off to meet him. We then accompanied him to the airport to pick a Temple Square sister from Brazil who just got transferred here. He couldn’t go alone so he needed our help. It was great to be able to just relax and talk with President about random manly things like cars and sports as well as mission related topics. We had a good amount of time in the car with him and so there was no pressure at all.

All in all it was cool that the desire of my heart was met because I really wanted to take part in a bit of the chaos that surrounds the process of receiving new, sending home, and transferring missionaries.

We also had some great success and some crazy encounters this week as well. The success was seen in who came to church. We were able to see Lily there and she is still very excited about baptism in two weeks, and also one of investigators, a black sister named Genesis, was able to come. She brought two of her children and the ward just wrapped their arms around her. She loved it so much and is probably at this point already wanting to get baptized, I can’t blame her, this church is pretty great.

Something that happened Saturday though was that we were teaching one of our investigators, Wally, in front of his apartment, when this cookoo lady came walking up. She had what I hope was a cigarette in her hand and she waved it around and she rudely interrupted the lesson we were having. It didn’t help that my patience with her was non-existent due to previous encounters, as she proceeded to tell us that we are wasting our time here, “everyone on this street has been saved.” She then said, “In the name of Jesus Christ.” and then paused for a moment in strange mentally distant way, while I cringed at what might happen next. It seemed as if a she was shut down temporarily why and evil spirit took over as captain of the vessel. Then she proceed shout some of the most profane language referring the “sinners” across the street. I, completely baffled at what just took place, protested immediately the use of such language especially when accompanied with the name of the son of God. I no sooner finished when she turned on me and managed to use even more profane of language than I had heard before. I will not say what i was tempted to do at that moment. Luckily I managed to stay very calm as I looked at my investigator, patted him on the shoulder– all while under verbal fire– and told him, “well brother, have a good night.” We (Elder Hamilton and I, and a member that was with us) turned and just walked back to the car. The lady yelled the whole time we were walking to our which was much longer walk than I had hoped. After we had sufficiently distanced ourselves from the spawn of satan, I managed to get a chuckle out of the other guys by quoting the restoration movie in saying, “God’s grace is sufficient to save all sinners.” A good way to conclude the worst encounter of my mission yet. I guess as a missionary, you really do see the best and worst sides of the world.

Love Ya’ll

Elder Joshua Cordon


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