Ushering in the Technology Age of MISSIONARY WORK- Joshua

Dear Family and Friends,

BIG CHANGES ARE COMING TO JACKSONVILLE. This is an exciting time to be a missionary. Last week we were visited by Michael Hemingway who is charge of online proselyting in the missionary department (He also used to be the mission president in Rochester, NY). He came to usher in the new age of new tools. In an increasing effort to improve productivity and the ability of the missionaries to find and maintain contact with all of our investigators we will be issued I-pad minis. If all goes well I will be getting mine during leadership meeting this week. I am so pumped. I find myself thinking all the time if I only had an I-pad right now I could show them… you get the picture. So that is something to definitely be excited about.

So, remember that lady that I told you about last week who used some colorful language, well her neighbor is a member in our ward, and he heard about what happened. He went and talked to her for us. Well apparently the conversation went really well because when we were there yesterday she came up to us to apologize and asked for our forgiveness. Despite all that happened I couldn’t help but eagerly accept her apology and forgive her. She began to cry as she walked away. Reflecting on the experience, I realized how much wisdom God us given to us in the word of wisdom. Too often people do things they regret when they are under the influence of any number of drugs and chemicals. Regret is a painful thing, even when you have received forgiveness. I feel bad that she doesn’t have the light of the gospel in her life, and that she has yet to experience the joy that can be found in it.

Sorry for the short letter this week, but I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Elder Cordon


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