Dear Family and Friends,

First we had an Awesome zone training. I invited president to speak and I think its the first time anyone has asked him to. But its also the last time he would have a chance. It was powerful! It was short but good. we also had this member from one of the Mainland branches speak and she is amazing! She got baptized in russia and now spends 6 hours a day teaching people the gospel. The work is moving so fast in China the members there are so amazing!

This last week we were kept quite busy with our investigators. We have been being really bold in teaching and extending invitations. It was worked for most we have taught. We taught several lessons this last week about the Sabbath Day. It went really well for the lessons we taught. One family we are working with, were the Husband is a Less Active and the Mom is a nonmember, actually accepted it quite well. For two people were we thought it would be hard for them to keep they were willing to start keeping it. Another Investigator, Brother Lam, who was progressing quite slow and has been quite difficult to get to church accepted the commitment as well and he came and enjoyed it. I feel such a powerful presence as we teach commandments because I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in inviting people to Repent.

One instance though where someone did not accept a commandment did not end so well. We taught brother Mak this week, who was preparing for baptism this next week, the Law of Tithing. We tried to teach a great lesson but he felt like he couldn’t keep it. It didn’t help that the member was telling him he didn’t have to keep all the commandments. But the next day he called us and dropped us. So we are trying to do all we can. Luckily he is the West Point sisters security guard so they see him every night. He was one of the solid dates for the month so this is the first obstacle we need to overcome. But on the bright side we are seeing some others who are preparing quickly and could potentially be baptized this month as well.

Reaching the mission goal this month I truly believe will happen. We are working to get even more than one person to be baptized. There is just some other companionships who I am sure could get some people baptized if we all applied what Elder Holbrook said about challenging at the drop of a hat. So we will see what we can do to keep the zone inspired.

We have been pretty blessed as we have seen more investigators be added to our teaching pool. Its nice to see they are coming from all sorts of places. Some from the ward some from other missionaries and some from our own efforts on the streets. We are working to keep a flourishing consistency here. not just empty the teaching pool.

Elder Williams and I are doing really well. If we have any concerns we resolve them quickly and we have good unity. He still continues to teach me so much As we work together.

One goal we have set as a companionship is continue to just stay focused and working hard with every bit of time that we have. With a busy schedule its really important to stay focused so nobody gets left behind but also so we can make sure we still have time to do other things that the ward might ask from us. The ward has been coming up with some cool ways to get members more involved. They are putting together a committee of all the RM’s in the ward and they will have them attend our weekly Coordination meeting on fast sundays. This should be a great way to get more members involved in our work.

Things are going well here we will keep working hard.

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Jared Cordon


Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ

Dear Family & Friends,

Well this was to say the least an extremely eventful week with moves calls more food than what is healthy and 6(+1 soon to be) Special witnesses of the our Lord Jesus Christ came to visit us and share their testimonies with us.

Starting from the top, moves calls: Well we basically new a lot was going to happen but then every single companionship in the zone changed so it was pretty big. Little Malaysian Wong moved to Ngau Tau Kok and my new Companion Canada Wong moved here to Aberdeen (I have to distinguish the Wongs because there is 3 of them here in the mission). I will miss my old Wong and am excited for the new Wong. We actually entered the MTC together so its pretty awesome to serve with him as two seasoned missionaries. We have already gotten off to a great start because he has an amazing way of connecting with these people way better than any of my Chinese companions he is very loud and very talkative and a very good finder. Also the very stereotypical Chinese nerd who loves gaming and science. I love him.

Because of Elder Wong leaving and Elder Wong coming our members and investigators were shedding tears and excited to welcome a new missionary. Because of that we ended up having a lot of meal appointments and man I feel like its gonna take awhile to get that all down! The best was one day we went to this Thai restaurant for lunch with 2 people and again for dinner with another person. Man and it was delicious!

But the crowing event of course was to be able to have a special visit and hear from An Apostle Elder Ballard, The senior president of the seventy President Rasband (again), The Presiding Bishop of the church Bishop Stevenson; Plus the Asia area presidency Elder Gong, Elder Wong, and Elder Funk; not to mention the soon to be seventy President Hawks. So 7 powerful men and we got the chance to hear from them two days in a row. Once by ourselves and the other with our investigators and members. Truly truly amazing, they ended up talking for over 2 1/2 hours and we were very much uplifted. Its amazing because as a mission we are very obedient so it was good because then we could hear about other things and this time was teaching skills. Which to cover a big part was in the first words spoken by Elder Ballard “we are all a little bit too shy” and another quote he shared from an experience with him and Legrand Richards, Legrand Richards saying “you know what the problem with this church is? we don’t have any more preachers” they gave us the call to be the best and be bold. I could go own with everything that was shared but it was moving and the Kwok family loved his message the second day were we got to see him apply all that he told us. All of them are very powerful and man I am so blessed because this is my 4th visit from a general authority not counting the MTC.

All of this excitement is happening at the right time to get me motivated. I am entering the 4th quarter of my mission and I have worked hard but its time to look where I have been lacking and step up my game!

I love you all have a great week!

Elder Jared Cordon


Here is a dinner appointment at our bishops house with our investigator Eric and my new comp.



Here is a dinner appointment at our bishops house with our investigator Eric and my new comp.