What a week!

UPs and DOWNs, we were going strong preparing for the baptism of Kristy and then she didn’t come to church and sent us a text that she didn’t want to meet anymore. We went by and she wouldn’t answer the door, or our texts. She just dropped us and we don’t know why, that really is the hard part when you don’t know why. Because that is when you just come up with the craziest reasons. We spread the word to her member friendship and they are on their game already.

I am grateful for the faith that I have in agency and knowing that it is such a necessary part, also knowing that not everyone is going to use it wisely either. It helps it times like this to then just go out and use my agency to go find those that are willing to fulling accept this truth. So Sunday night we went out and found two new friends. A wonderful young family that is wanting to start of right and center their family around Christ. That happened on the last door on Sunday night.!!!

We also have another family that we have started to teach they are also a young family that wants the truth of the gospel and willing to act. wow so many miracles.

I got to go on exchanges this week with Elder Sedrick. What a wonderful time that was. He is a wonderful missionary and very sincere he is a great listener. We set a goal to find and teach simply, and boy did we do that. We talked to people like crazy and found a new friend Shyael, and taught several other lessons that day. I love missionary work! So during that day we had a lesson that we just let get taught by the Holy Ghost. there was SO much silence and it never got weird not once. We were silent for 4 minutes one time, literally, and we just soaked up the Spirit.

I am looking forward to MLC, what wonderful counsel that is. I am grateful for all the guidance from the Spirit that I get to receive on a daily basis as long as I am doing what I need to to get it. Even on a mission the simple things is what makes or breaks it. it is especially so in life. My scripture of the week is Alma 31:5 I read it this morning for personal study and it just rang out to me. The answers to life is always in the Gospel of Christ.

I love this work!

Elder Cordon.


Happy New Year!

I am grateful for the Christmas season, the spirit that it brings into the world is wonderful and brings smiles and feelings of love to many. It is a wonderful time for those that know what the true meaning of Christmas is full of remembering the Savior in more abundance; and for those that don’t know it still radiates to them and their lives a happiness that comes from this season.

I am certainly grateful for the testimony that I was able to share with those that we visited this week. To share with them my knowledge of the Savior.

Kristy is a new Investigator of ours that is just so prepared to receive the wonderful truths of the gospel. She is preparing to be baptized on January 9th and going strong for that date. We are having every lesson so far in members homes and she is getting into a different on every time. So many people want to help and they are surrounding her with love and friendship. It is so exciting to have so many people involved in the work, that is exactly what the Lord wants.

As we are out everyday putting forth our faith God leads people to us and leads us to people. I love being a part of this work.

I love that I have the opportunity to serve others, the people of Pasco and other missionaries. This is such a wonderful time of year. This week we welcome in the New Year! WoW were did the time go. It seems like just yesterday that I was announcing 2015 now it is 2016.

Time is truly a precious thing.
Thank you everyone for everything that you do.
Have a great New Years and set great goals to accomplish in the coming year.
Love, Elder Cordon.


Dear Family and Friends,

First we had an Awesome zone training. I invited president to speak and I think its the first time anyone has asked him to. But its also the last time he would have a chance. It was powerful! It was short but good. we also had this member from one of the Mainland branches speak and she is amazing! She got baptized in russia and now spends 6 hours a day teaching people the gospel. The work is moving so fast in China the members there are so amazing!

This last week we were kept quite busy with our investigators. We have been being really bold in teaching and extending invitations. It was worked for most we have taught. We taught several lessons this last week about the Sabbath Day. It went really well for the lessons we taught. One family we are working with, were the Husband is a Less Active and the Mom is a nonmember, actually accepted it quite well. For two people were we thought it would be hard for them to keep they were willing to start keeping it. Another Investigator, Brother Lam, who was progressing quite slow and has been quite difficult to get to church accepted the commitment as well and he came and enjoyed it. I feel such a powerful presence as we teach commandments because I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in inviting people to Repent.

One instance though where someone did not accept a commandment did not end so well. We taught brother Mak this week, who was preparing for baptism this next week, the Law of Tithing. We tried to teach a great lesson but he felt like he couldn’t keep it. It didn’t help that the member was telling him he didn’t have to keep all the commandments. But the next day he called us and dropped us. So we are trying to do all we can. Luckily he is the West Point sisters security guard so they see him every night. He was one of the solid dates for the month so this is the first obstacle we need to overcome. But on the bright side we are seeing some others who are preparing quickly and could potentially be baptized this month as well.

Reaching the mission goal this month I truly believe will happen. We are working to get even more than one person to be baptized. There is just some other companionships who I am sure could get some people baptized if we all applied what Elder Holbrook said about challenging at the drop of a hat. So we will see what we can do to keep the zone inspired.

We have been pretty blessed as we have seen more investigators be added to our teaching pool. Its nice to see they are coming from all sorts of places. Some from the ward some from other missionaries and some from our own efforts on the streets. We are working to keep a flourishing consistency here. not just empty the teaching pool.

Elder Williams and I are doing really well. If we have any concerns we resolve them quickly and we have good unity. He still continues to teach me so much As we work together.

One goal we have set as a companionship is continue to just stay focused and working hard with every bit of time that we have. With a busy schedule its really important to stay focused so nobody gets left behind but also so we can make sure we still have time to do other things that the ward might ask from us. The ward has been coming up with some cool ways to get members more involved. They are putting together a committee of all the RM’s in the ward and they will have them attend our weekly Coordination meeting on fast sundays. This should be a great way to get more members involved in our work.

Things are going well here we will keep working hard.

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Jared Cordon

Starting The Year Off Strong

Dear Family and Friends,

This week I have a simple invitation. The invitation is to study faith, from what ever source you wish, specifically how to increase faith and then what can happen with faith. Do this every day this week. Included with study is to then take time each day to share with someone your testimony of a living prophet, whether that is on facebook or in person, but it has to be specific to that person not just a wall post. Then if they ask any questions to your testimony invite them to learn more from the missionaries. That is the invitation. Let me know how it goes.

This was a good week things are going well here in the Wenatchee area. Stake president set a goal of 201 baptisms this year, and in the next six months the amount of missionaries are going to double in this area getting ready for the split. CRAZY STUFF. We have all of our investigators reading the Book of Mormon. That is the start to knowing that is is true. Reading everyday brings a power into your life that cannot be obtained by any other means, it brings so many blessings.

I am always very touched at how God fills my heart with love the very instant that I start sharing the gospel with them. I know that it is just a fraction of the love that he actually has, which amazes me even more.

Thank you all for you prays and wishes I love you all so much.
I pray for you often

Elder S Cordon.


Dear Family & Friends,

Well this is the first week of another transfer. My new companion is Elder Barbour. He is 20 and from CA has been out 2 transfers less then me. I am so grateful that I get to stay in the area that I am in, I can feel that there is still something that I need to do here.

I do know that everyone is trying to make there new year goals at this time during the year. So as you sit down to do so keep in mind the goals that should lead you closer to our Heavenly Father. Seek after them in pray, so that you my receive answers as to what God knows that you can do in your life to come closer to him. Then know that those are going to be the most important goals that you set for yourself this year because they will be goals from a loving Heavenly Father who knows better then yourself what you need.

Love you all so much,

Elder S Cordon

Catch A Vision! A Day of White!

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow… What a week! How is it that things just get better and better? Will it ever stop? Well, according to my belief in progression, nope! Oh how miserable life would be without that knowledge. To literally think that what you have is as good as it gets.

The truth is this, we can always have better, be better, and do better. Our work is never done. Even when we die someday, thanks to Christ, we will still continue to grow and learn if we so desire.

This is essentially the message that I try my best to share with non-members, members, and missionaries. It is a process, but the first step is to help create in them a vision of the future they would like to realize. Proverbs 29:18 reads, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” To create a vision you need to open your mind to the possibilities of what can be, or in other words, you need to raise your expectations. In this vision creating process you should include our loving Heavenly Father. He knows far better than us what we can become and what potential we have. If we heed the promptings of his spirit he will help us raise our expectations. A man may accomplish much in life, but if they do not include God in the creation of their vision they will find at the end of their life that they have still fallen far short of what they could have accomplished in that time. God can make a lot more out of my life than I can. I know from personal experience that that is true.

Once we have grabbed hold of an inspired vision we need find out what it will take to realize that vision. Where are we falling short? As you ponder and discuss what it will take, you need to make goals. You should make enough goals so that if you were to reach all of your goals then you would find yourself reaching your vision.

And then finally the part that I believe is most crucial is the plans. Weston told me in an email a while back the following quote, “A vision without plans is just a dream, and plans without vision is but a nightmare.” We should make detailed plans for how we will accomplish every single goal. Once again, let the spirit of God be present during this process for he will guide you in every step as you make these plans. God knows all things and as we listen to his spirit we may make provision for things we have never considered. Excellence is in the details! So many people in this world have done the first two steps of creating vision and goals, but they never go as far as making specific plans. It is of no surprise to me that these people never reach that original vision they have established for themselves. Plans translate into action! Plans are what allow us to go and make it happen! Plans are what separates the dreamer from the achiever.

But anyway that is what has been on my mind lately.

On to the miracles!! We had a baptism this last Saturday! It was probably the most spiritual baptism I have ever attended. The feelings of love and kindness that where in the air where so thick and tangible that you could cut it with a knife. We had terrific support from the ward and everything could not have gone smoother. We combined our baptism with the sisters missionaries. They had a family of 5 getting baptized and we had the incredible Tara. Just simply recollecting the event has filled my soul with a burning joy that is coursing through my veins. This is what is all about; seeing the change that people have undergone over a life time to be ready for this moment only to begin their new journey of growth in the love and warmth of the family of Christ. On top of that, to see a family baptized and united together in their faith is something truly special. That is one whole family that will be able to be together forever now! This gospel is so good!

A quick note on Tara. She is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met. Her love and appreciation for this knowledge and spirit is unlike anyone I have ever met. Being around her honestly make me question whether or not I fully appreciate as I should the blessing of having the gospel in my life. She has a light about her that brings joy into the hearts of all who interact with her. This ward must be doing something right to be able to receive in its midst such a choice spirit. I still haven’t figured out what it was that I did to deserve the blessing of being her conversion story. I am excited to see what she is able to do from here.

I hope all of you will be able to reach your own potentials by constantly using the process of vision, goals, and PLANS. If you can master that process you will truly be able to experience constant and lively joy in your life. The very joy that I experienced at that baptism, which happened through the very process that I described. GO THE DISTANCE!!

I love y’all! Have a great week!!

Elder Joshua Cordon




It’s Getting Close

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a pretty exciting week here in Butterfly Ward. After 2 1/2 years and no baptisms, we got one lined up for this Sunday. Gary passed his baptismal interview with flying colors. With us trying to make sure he is truly ready we had to see him about 2 times a week outside of church. Its just so awesome to see the change made in people when they are truly eager and ready to take that next step into a life of discipleship. I have been blessed to help Gary reach this opportunity for him to make special covenants with God and recieve the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost! He is wheelchair bound so its gonna be interesting on how we will execute it.

Also this last week Aaron came back into the mix and He also has a baptism for June. But I really love this kid. This week I got him to play his violin for us, he is pretty amazing! We are going to try and get him to play it for Gary’s baptism! We are waiting on a response to that one.

But all is well here in Hong Kong. There is a lot of energy in the mission and we are seeing a lot of success in all the areas, everyone is getting really excited for July for us all to reach our goal!

Hey love you all hope all is well!

Elder Jared Cordon

That’s a First!!

Dear Family and Friends:

Well its has been a good 3 days since we last talked! My last P-Day was awesome. We got to go the Beautiful Hong Kong temple! The peace of the temple is a special thing. Even when your a full time missionary you still feel a stronger spirit there than outside of it. After wards we woke up to real life by heading to Mong Kok, to help Elder Siebach his dying suit. Suits are something that hong kong does very well.

We had a crazy few days after that cause the next day we had zone training where the zone leaders and sister training leaders (which is weird they are both in my district again like in my last area, I think president is keeping a close eye on me haha) announced a new mission goal. Since it is the 65th anniversary of Hong Kong we have a goal as a mission to have 65 baptisms in the month on july(which is the official month) This is a large number for the mission since last month we had 26 baptisms, and about a 170 last year. But President feels this is truly revelation. So we went to work making sure our area does our part. Me and Elder Falk have plans to have a few baptisms before and another in July.

On Saturday, met our investigator Gary(fan hing daih) who we proceeded to set my first baptismal date of my mission. He is first one we have for the this companionship and his date is may 11th so good birthday present for me and Elder Falk.

We have seen a lot of miracles happening here, thanks to the help of such a great ward coordinator and members. In both less active work and new investigators the lord is blessing us with opportunities that havent been around for awhile.

Love you all

Elder Cordon