It’s Getting Close

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a pretty exciting week here in Butterfly Ward. After 2 1/2 years and no baptisms, we got one lined up for this Sunday. Gary passed his baptismal interview with flying colors. With us trying to make sure he is truly ready we had to see him about 2 times a week outside of church. Its just so awesome to see the change made in people when they are truly eager and ready to take that next step into a life of discipleship. I have been blessed to help Gary reach this opportunity for him to make special covenants with God and recieve the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost! He is wheelchair bound so its gonna be interesting on how we will execute it.

Also this last week Aaron came back into the mix and He also has a baptism for June. But I really love this kid. This week I got him to play his violin for us, he is pretty amazing! We are going to try and get him to play it for Gary’s baptism! We are waiting on a response to that one.

But all is well here in Hong Kong. There is a lot of energy in the mission and we are seeing a lot of success in all the areas, everyone is getting really excited for July for us all to reach our goal!

Hey love you all hope all is well!

Elder Jared Cordon


April Showers!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well April showers! We have been seeing plenty of rain this week! It defiantly makes it harder to street find when it is raining. But hey then if they do stop that makes it all that much better.

The best part of the rain was our service this week at Crossroads foundation. It was raining until we got there, then it stopped just in time to help them with there drainage system cause the building kept flooding. We were able to get all the work done just in time for it start raining right away! We got soaked!! Haha we had to track through a river to put the stuff away.

This week was fun though we had zone training. We were able to hear the good news that the numbers really show that everyone in the mission really wants this 65 baptisms to happen. So we heard great news talked about how we could do better then headed off for Zone 24S (When everyone in the zone swaps companions). I got the chance to head to Tin Sui Wai. Where there is not a building under 30 stories haha just tall tall tall apartment buildings. My companion was in my MTC group so it was great chance to work with him and see how others are doing that are at my same time level. We defiantly have been learning different things but both equally important as we found when we taught we had great unity! He is awesome missionary and he taught me some great things.

Then I came back to my area to have some great success this last Sunday by having a father and a daughter we invited to come to church came. That had a great experience so that’s good.

Looking forward to watching conference this next week, you are all lucky to have seen it already…
Well, love you all, have a great week.
Elder Cordon

Week 2 Down! -Jared

Wow what a week!

So this week wasn’t any different, but I can say I did enjoy it a lot better! There is a great thing to understand you may not change your circumstances but you can change you attitude so thats exaclty what I did. Also I guess our mission is soley responsible for China its technically our mission. So I am in the biggest and most populated mission. A great work that is going on here is that the members in China are doing a great job of spreading the gospel so they convert their friends get them to start following all the commandments and once a month we get large groups of chinese that come stay at the mission home which has like a small hotel on it). They spend a whole day meeting with the mandarin elders and sisters recieving all the missionary lessons and then recieving baptism by the close of the day, then we send them back to China as newly set apart member missionaries! What a wonderful work. China is open just more in the way that the qurom of the twelve has been pushing missionary work, and thats threw the members.

Being in Wanchie is hard because this area has the most non Chinese populase so we have been doing a lot of turn overs. Its hard turning people over because you build that trust and you want to help them all the way down the path. I know this work is guided by the Lord so if I am called to find and only find so be it. We find a lot of people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Napal. They come here to Hong Kong to be hired as Helpers, for all the extremely rich people here. For example yesterday I saw 5 ferraris,6 aston martins, a rediculous amount of porsches and such! These are special people that come from these countries they are very accepting. I know i was sent here to help bring the Hong Kong people unto Christ and I will work and work until I do. The potential they all have can really be seen in the wonderful ward I am serving in. All the members are so kind and so Happy and I know that all the upset work beaten people I see once use to be sons and daughters of god and if they could only understand a particle of the joy they could feel from the gospel they would come running.

Well everyone I will keep you updated on the how the work is and I will be sure to put a picture up next week!

Just know that salvation wasn’t easy for the Savior, but the joy he recieved was greater than we could imagine!

Love Elder Cordon