Dear Family and Friends,

This was an interesting week. We found ourselves engaged in a lot of service this past week which was a blessing for sure. We actually resolved that our focus is going to change. After much consideration we are going to put a greater focus in service and working with part member families. So the fact that we got a bunch of service right when we resolved to focus on it was an indication that we are on track. The nice thing to was that every service opportunity resulted from someone asking us for help. We already have two service projects lined up. Our goal is to get different people we are working with to help us with the service projects. 

A person that we are working with who really came along this past week is a girl named Shy. We have taught her the first three lessons already and she reads the Book of Mormon during her bus ride to work everyday. She told us that she has fallen in love with the book and that it has opened up her eyes to so many things. We invited her to be baptized at the end of May and she asked if she could do it sooner and set a date for the 16th of May. It was really awesome. She has already started teaching other people about the Book of Mormon and she is going to come to church this weekend. 

This Ward here is wonderful but it is really struggling in that there are 10 members who have been admitted to the hospital lately. We have an older congregation and it has been tough to try to meet everybody’s needs. However, it has been a strong motivator for us to go and work with more less actives and part member families so that we can strengthen what we have so that the ward can support growth.

Elder Curran and I continue to learn from our mistakes and from one another; as a result, we feel the lord continues to provide tender mercies that move the work along. One big tender mercy is embodied in the Estrella Family. We have been able to teach Ray a few times and he is just eating it up, along with Michelle. I can’t wait to see how the gospel will continue to bless their lives. 

Love y’all!
Elder Joshua Cordon

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That’s the news I have been waiting for!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

Another successful week! With the news of my older brother whom has made the decision to serve a mission and received his call to the Washington Kennewick Mission. I could not be a happier person! He is such an example I am striving to get all our investigators to feel the way he does.

This last week we were able to make some great progress with 2 our investigators Tommy and Gary. The lessons we teach to people seem to always end to the same scripture. Moroni 10:3-5 its ether with commitment or a recommitting to follow this charge. Spiritual things can only be obtained through spiritual means. Such as math needs to be learned from studying math and history, history; Things of the spirit are reserved to be taught only by the spirit. Its been a new goal of mine to make sure every lesson is a spiritual teaching ground, not when how can we word it better to persuade them, but how can we help them feel the spirit. 
We also ended the week with two new investigators on saturday who have great potential and are scheduled for next saturday. They are both tough and have a tendency to bible bash. since I have been here the 3 investigators we have picked up have all been ones with strong christian backgrounds and will usually attend church, my bible knowledge is good and could hold in any debate but thats exactly what I am working to avoid. So their is the new challenge.
We also had Andrew come to church his dad could not come cause he had to work, but he had a great experience. It was awesome to see him come all dressed up and we didn’t even tell him. It really stuck out to me the difference that made with how and the men in the ward treated him they just came flocking they all asked us if he was golden. It really showed me if we want the ward to treat our investigators like they have real potential getting them to dress up for church is a great way to do it. 
Love you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Cordon

Another week into the rest of my life.

Dear Family and Friends,

So this past week was a good one. It definitely kept me on my toes as each day presented some unique experience. I would have it no other way though!

I did my first exchange as a zone leader with a district leader, and though I am sure it should have been the other way I learned a bunch on that exchange. Elder Feliz is such a terrific missionary. He has been out a lot longer, and is very humble. He is a convert from the Dominican Republic, and he one of best missionaries in the mission. One thing that I learned from him that I really appreciated was his selflessness. He is a YSA missionary which means he works with all the young single adults in his area. Nevertheless, during our exchange he still talked to everybody regardless of their age or relationship status. We ended up finding a family and a single guy that were both very interested, but he immediately handed them over to the missionaries who are supposed to teach them without even flinching. (I say that example because it is proving to be the exception rather than the rule) All in all it was a great experience for me.

Another wonderful experience was that we found this awesome Haitian family. They are both very intelligent and they have an incredible desire to learn. We had our return appointment lesson with them last night and it went really well. They had a bunch of questions from when they read the Book of Mormon, and they are excited to learn a lot more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their names are Gabon and Emmanuela. I am looking forward to our lesson with them tomorrow.

All in all it was a great week. I feel like I have so many wonderful experiences everyday that I would never be able to talk about all of them, but when it comes to writing this email it seems that a lot of it escapes me haha so well that is it for this week!

I love ya’ll! Merry Christmas!

Elder Joshua Cordon