Meetings Galore!

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was a bit crazy!! We had 3 zone conferences which are about 10 hours each, then we had a meeting with elder Suarez of the presidency of the seventy on Friday. After a week of that many meetings my brain was fried. I definitely know how a lot of ways that I can begin to change and improve for the better.

It was a really awesome experience being able to spend some time with Elder Suarez. We picked him up from the hotel and took him to the mission home which is about a 25 minutes away, so it afforded us some good opportunity to chat. He knows a Br Cordon who was a mission president in Brazil who lives in bountiful now. Sadly I have never met him but I said he was undoubtedly kin.

He met with us after our general meeting with him and he gave us some good council and commandments, it was stuff I really needed to hear. We left that day with an unconquerable spirit. The very next day we set a date for baptism on the 22nd of this month. Her name is Kristin. Her twin sister was baptized earlier his year. Her twins boyfriend goes to our ward so she started going recently. She is very excited and so are we. There is a new spirit about our work, and I can’t wait to see where we take things.

Love yall!

Elder Joshua Cordon


That’s the news I have been waiting for!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

Another successful week! With the news of my older brother whom has made the decision to serve a mission and received his call to the Washington Kennewick Mission. I could not be a happier person! He is such an example I am striving to get all our investigators to feel the way he does.

This last week we were able to make some great progress with 2 our investigators Tommy and Gary. The lessons we teach to people seem to always end to the same scripture. Moroni 10:3-5 its ether with commitment or a recommitting to follow this charge. Spiritual things can only be obtained through spiritual means. Such as math needs to be learned from studying math and history, history; Things of the spirit are reserved to be taught only by the spirit. Its been a new goal of mine to make sure every lesson is a spiritual teaching ground, not when how can we word it better to persuade them, but how can we help them feel the spirit. 
We also ended the week with two new investigators on saturday who have great potential and are scheduled for next saturday. They are both tough and have a tendency to bible bash. since I have been here the 3 investigators we have picked up have all been ones with strong christian backgrounds and will usually attend church, my bible knowledge is good and could hold in any debate but thats exactly what I am working to avoid. So their is the new challenge.
We also had Andrew come to church his dad could not come cause he had to work, but he had a great experience. It was awesome to see him come all dressed up and we didn’t even tell him. It really stuck out to me the difference that made with how and the men in the ward treated him they just came flocking they all asked us if he was golden. It really showed me if we want the ward to treat our investigators like they have real potential getting them to dress up for church is a great way to do it. 
Love you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Cordon